SMP Group is a leading Russian designer, developer and manufacturer of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and other digital devices for CCTV systems.

SMP Group is located in Zelenograd, a well-known center of Russian electronic industry.

SMP Group was the first in Russia to design and launch production of non-PC based DVRs. Currently the company has a significant share in the Russian market of DVR implementations in ATMs, small offices, vehicles and Internet applications.

Our advantages:

  • integrated — design, development and manufacturing by one company
  • efficient — innovative video processing technology
  • flexible — own custom software solutions
  • reliable — ISO 9001 quality control at all production stages

What we do

We offer a broad range of non-PC based compact network devices for CCTV surveillance systems, where each model is fine-tuned for specific application area and operating conditions.
Our miniDVRs have really unique parameters: very small size and weight, really small power consumption, noiseless and requires no forced cooling. We can produce DVRs with heat setting these can work up to minus 20 degrees centigrade or more low temperature.